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5 Reasons a Shyn Electric Toothbrush is a Better Mother’s Day Gift than Whatever You Usually Give

Ah, Mother’s Day, the day we celebrate with generic gifts for Mom that we voice-order through our virtual assistants while hoping the holiday doesn’t stop HBO from airing a new Game of Thrones episode. But wait! Doesn’t Mom deserve a more thoughtful gift for her 36 hours of labor and the fact that you never remember to call?

Here are 5 reasons you should give Mom a Shyn electric toothbrush instead of whatever you were going to pick.  

1. Flowers can cause seasonal allergies.

So you are planning to gift Mom a big batch of hay fever? How nice of you! Yes, the pollen in some flowers can cause an array of allergic reactions from runny noses to breathing problems. One of Shyn’s writers had an asthma attack from her own wedding bouquet—true story! Plus, flowers die, and nothing says I love you like a reminder that life is fleeting and will be over soon. A Shyn electric toothbrush, on the other hand, can boost Mom’s overall health, and will keep her pearly whites youthful and sparkling even as she gets on in years.   

2. Chocolates and candies cause cavities.

Hey, we’re an oral care company, you knew we were going to bring this up. Sugary snacks can also be a contributing cause of diabetes, and, if you don’t buy the most expensive brand, they can cause Mom to think you are cheap and are no longer her favorite child. You’re better off choosing the Shyn Care Collection, which is also full of goodies, helps prevent cavities, and is affordable—yet doesn’t scream “I bought your gift at the dollar store.”

3. Scented candles are a fire hazard.

While candles might seem like cool gifts for Mom, do you want to be responsible for burning down your childhood home? Of course not, but that’s exactly what might happen if Mom falls asleep during a relaxing aromatherapy session. One Darwin Awards candidate even blew himself up by trying to use a scented candle to cover the smell of gasoline fumes. And while we’re sure your mom is much smarter than that, a Shyn Daily Sonic Toothbrush is still a safer bet. In fact, we’re so sure it won’t catch on fire (and will improve Mom’s oral health) that we back it with a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty for subscribers.

4. Bath bombs can cause skin irritation.

Sure, those luxury bath bombs filled with highly potent essential oils are not tested on animals—but they probably haven’t been tested in any other way either, which means they could leave your mom with a bonus rash in an area she normally prefers to keep clothed. Why not save her a trip to the E.R., and give her a Shyn subscription instead? Shyn subscriptions prevent the irritation of remembering to replace your brush head, because they send a new one every 2 or 3 months (Mom’s choice).

5. You’ll get $10 Off and free shipping on any Shyn.com purchase of $59.99+ with promo code BESTMOM10.

That means you score a discount on any of our product collections, like the Daily Collection that will upgrade Mom’s oral health with a Shyn electric toothbrush, or the Bright Collection that’s filled with teeth whitening essentials. You’ll also score points from your mom for choosing one of the most unique Mothers Day gifts and not going with the same old same old. Plus, the promo code is valid through the Friday, May 24th for you procrastinators out there.

So if you’ve been wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, we think the answer is obvious. And if you’ve already gotten Mom her very own Shyn collection, let us know how she liked it in the comments, or leave a review at Shyn.com.