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Shyn Daily Whitening Brush Head
Shyn Daily Whitening Brush Head
Shyn Daily Whitening Brush Head

Shyn Daily Whitening Brush Head


Expertly designed, this sonic toothbrush head offers a slim, angled neck that provides superior plaque removal to brighten up your look. Highly effective diamond-shaped bristles whiten teeth in just 1 week for up to 100% more stain removal in 7 days versus a manual toothbrush. This brush head is compatible with other name brand sonic toothbrushes.


A Brush Head Subscription delivers a brush head at the interval of your choice with free shipping.




Fits our signature sonic toothbrush handle and compatible with many Philips Sonicare® toothbrush handles. See FAQ.

Whiter Teeth in One Week

A contoured brush head with diamond-shaped bristles rapidly whitens teeth.

Easily Subscribe

The American Dental Association recommends changing your brush head at least every 3 months. Sign up for a customized refill plan.

Engineered for the Ultimate Clean

The advanced technology of Shyn brush heads is what allows our sonic toothbrush to give you cleaner teeth. The rapid sonic movement delivers over 31,000+ brush strokes to push water between your teeth and gum line, gently removing plaque, germs, and other food particles in your mouth.

Effortless and Stress Free

Keep up with your oral care in a way that's stress free and fits your busy schedule. Shyn subscriptions are fully customizable - choose a Collection, find a brush head that matches your mouth's unique needs, add some oral care essentials, and select your preferred delivery timeframe. Our toothbrush is also covered by a lifetime warranty while continuously enrolled in an auto-refill plan.

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