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Shyn Confidently Flossers
Shyn Confidently Flossers
Shyn Confidently Flossers
Shyn Confidently Flossers

Shyn Confidently Flossers


Twin lines of silica coated, extra strength floss deliver double the cleaning action, a discreet pick folds out when you need it, and a 90-count pack means there’s always one handy. These are great on the go - carry a pack in your bag or car to keep your smile food-free.



Smart Design Fold-Away Pick

The pick tool folds out and away when you need it.

Whiten & Remove Plaque

Our floss features a special coating to help remove plaque and whiten between teeth.

Break Free from Breakage

Our twin lines of super strong floss are designed not to stretch, shred, or break during use.

Double Floss for Twice the Clean

Shyn Confidentally Minty Floss Picks feature a twin-line dual-action flossing system that removes plaque and food debris stuck between teeth. While traditional floss can be unsanitary and cause discomfort as the strands separate, our floss picks are gentle on your gums and fingers. 

Effortless and Stress Free

Take your oral care to the next level by subscribing to a Shyn Collection. Shyn subscriptions are fully customizable - choose a Collection, find a brush head that matches your unique needs, select your delivery timeframe, and even add extra essentials. By selling to you directly, Shyn is able to offer oral care products for much less than brands sold at retail stores and online.

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