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Shyn Named 2019 People Magazine Travel Awards Winner

The Shyn team is full of bright smiles today—well really every day, but especially today, because we just found out our Care Collection has been named the winner of the 2019 People Magazine Travel Awards!

If you’re not sure whether an electric toothbrush will work for your travel style or your life, Shyn also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can try our travel-award-winning Care Collection risk free and save the risk-taking for your next big adventure.


The folks at People Magazine loved Shyn as a travel electric toothbrush complete with oral care essentials. Here’s a quick glimpse of what they had to say:

“A slew of settings mean you can customize your brushing experience, and a single charge lasts up to two weeks.”


You can read the full article on the 2019 People Magazine Travel Awards here.


We Designed Shyn to Travel Well

We know oral health can often take a back seat when you’re off on an adventure. But since your vacation diet is probably less than ideal, and you may be knocking back some sugary, acidic adult beverages, taking care of your teeth while traveling is critical. Every Shyn collection comes with an electric toothbrush travel case that holds your Shyn electric toothbrush handle plus 2 brush heads, so you can take it on the go easily. The Shyn Daily Sonic Toothbrush handle also holds a charge for up to 2 weeks, so if you’re headed out on a getaway, you don’t even need to pack your charger.

If you usually buy a manual travel toothbrush with toothpaste to maintain oral hygiene on the road, consider the Care Collection instead, because it includes both whitening toothpaste and floss picks. The Shyn Confidently Minty Floss Picks even come in a resealable pouch, so you can carry them with you easily and floss even where there’s no mirror.


From Great on the Go to a Great Value

Convenience is great, but there’s another factor that makes Shyn ideal for travelers: value. Shyn subscription pricing starts at just $59.99 for the Daily Collection, which includes the travel case, charger and your choice of brush head (whitening, anti-plaque or gum care). Brush head refills are just $4.99, and you can set them to be delivered every 2 months or 3 months, so there’s one less thing to remember before your departure date.

If you upgrade to the Bright Collection, you’ll get even more oral care essentials on a regular basis, including whitening toothpaste, flossers and teeth whitening strips. And you’ll save as much as $100 compared to buying all these essentials plus a comparable brush handle at retail. Just think of how many souvenir t-shirts $100 can buy!


Reliability for the Road Ahead

When choosing a travel sonic toothbrush—or really any travel product—reliability is an important factor. After all, there’s no faster way to go from feeling relaxed on a deserted island to feeling trapped on a deserted island than finding out you have no way to brush your teeth. The Shyn toothbrush handle is backed by a lifetime warranty for continued subscribers, and if you’re not subscribed, it’s still covered for 2 years from your date of purchase.

How do you care for your pearly whites while traveling? What’s the travel product you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!