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Low-sugar treats for Halloween

Listen - we LOVE Halloween. What’s there not to love after all? Spooky decorations, dressing up in fun (or horrific!) costumes, carving pumpkins, scary movie marathons… the list goes on. However, we can’t deny the one thing that haunts us once the festivities end: the health of our poor teeth after all that sugar

Everyone knows candy isn’t the healthiest choice, one of the many reasons being the harmful effects to your pearly whites. When you consume sugar, the bacteria in your mouth begins to produce acid which dissolves the enamel of your teeth. According to the American Dental Association, snacking and drinking sugary foods “creates an environment for decay because it exposes your teeth repeatedly to acid attacks.” You don’t want all those months you’ve spent perfecting your dental hygiene routine to crash and burn due to one night of candy overload (as fun as that sounds).

We know it’s not easy to steer clear of candy altogether for this season. So we’ve created this list of low-sugar treats that will satisfy those sweet cravings, and keep your mouth healthy and happy! 

  • Dark chocolate
  • This is a decadent go-to, and one that your teeth won’t hate you for, either. You might be asking, “If I can have dark chocolate, why can’t I have milk or white chocolate?” Dark chocolate contains a considerably lesser amount of sugar, and is the least processed between the three. The closer to the cocoa bean, the better for your teeth!

  • Sugarless gum
  • Chew away on an ADA-approved gum! Yup, the ADA has approved gum due to its effects in increasing saliva production. The more salivary flow leads to more calcium and phosphate to the saliva, which in turn can help strengthen your tooth enamel. Look for gum with the ADA seal so you know that it is safe and effective! 

  • Fruits
  • And we don’t mean the dried ones. Dried, sticky fruits might just be worse for you than a regular chocolate bar, as they are loaded with sugar! Go for non-sticky fruits such as blueberries, bananas, and apples that are good for your teeth, and contain just the right amount of sugar! Pro-tip: pair with a piece of dark chocolate for pure bliss. 

  • Low-sugar candy
  • Let’s face it, candy can be hard to resist for those with a sweet tooth. But there are many low-sugar alternatives to your favorite candies, from lollipops and gummies to caramels and peanut butter cups. These “healthier” substitutes allow you to indulge just a little without feeling like you’re ruining your teeth. 

  • Nuts
  • Though not as sweet, these are still a great snack to eat in place of candy. Not to mention, they also have great benefits for your teeth! Nuts such as cashews and almonds help attack the bacteria that leads to tooth decay. So throw a little bit of those into your treat plate this weekend, and you’ll be in good hands. 

    Just to be clear, we’re not saying go on a candy ban. However, it’s crucial to be conscious of your sugar consumption now as Halloween is only just the beginning towards a whole season of sweet, sugary delicacies (cookies, cakes, pies, you name it). And of course, no matter what you eat this Halloween, it’s important to floss and brush your teeth at the end of the night--and the following morning! After all, nothing is scarier than your dentist’s disappointment if you neglect your oral hygiene this season.