A Special Shyn Shoutout at CNN!

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A Special Shyn Shoutout at CNN!

Great news! Shyn has been featured on CNN once again after being placed on their product radar last year for toothbrush subscriptions. Except this time, CNN tried the brush out, and we’re happy to announce the verdict: they loved it!

Upgrading to Shyn’s Sonic Toothbrush was a game changer,” they reported, after just one week of use and from switching from an unnamed electric toothbrush. This just goes to show that our brush truly makes an improvement to one’s oral care routine, even if you’re already using an electric brush. CNN documented the process and experience, noting all it’s features and abilities that makes it a well rounded brush. They break down each intensity and Mode which provides a neat guide if you’re new to Shyn, and ultimately shows how customizable the Shyn Sonic Toothbrush is to your oral care needs. 

A crucial aspect to note, CNN’s Ellen McAlpine wrote that the ADA approval provides a level of certainty, “[it] made us feel like we were taking a good step forward in our oral hygiene.” Overall, our brush earned good marks from CNN and we couldn’t be more elated hearing it! It’s got it all: a sleek design, efficient and personalized brush, ADA seal, and an unbeatable price. Take your morning routine a step further - get your Shyn Sonic Toothbrush today