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Hey Jacksfilms fans!

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If you're ready for a better way to get the smile of your dreams, you found it. The ADA-Accepted Shyn Sonic Toothbrush is for you, starting at $45.

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Interested in getting all your products without a subscription?


Go grab the new "A Year of Shyn" to snag the award winning toothbrush and 4 brush heads that will last all year.






Ready to get your significant other on board with Shyn?


Look no further!


The Shyn Dual Pack has 2 toothbrushes and 8 brush heads, providing both of you with a year of Shyn.



Powered by 31,000 brush strokes per minute, The Shyn sonic toothbrush was accepted by the American Dental Association in spring 2020 as an effective toothbrush for removing plaque and preventing gingivitis. You can't get more dentist-approved than that.



Your smile is special and should be at its healthy best every day. Choose between our Whitening, Anti-Plaque and Gum Care brush heads, all ADA Accepted, to deliver results you can see from ear to ear.



Spare your gums from over brushing. Our intuitive pressure sensing technology lets you know when you are brushing too hard—You will hear a beep whenever too much pressure is applied.



The Shyn toothbrush can hold a charge for over two weeks of regular use. Our travel case is made from Hermitshell plastic, protecting from bumps, bruises, and accidental button pushes, with room for a back up brush head.



Our wireless, waterproof charger is small enough to conveniently fit into any medicine cabinet or toiletry bag, making it easy to charge your toothbrush on your longest trips.


"This is the best thing ever! I actually enjoy brushing my teeth because they feel like my dentist has just finished cleaning them in her office. I love the timed quadrant brush. I think I have be underbrushing my teeth my whole life until I found Shyn!"

Barbara B

3 MAY 2020

"My husband and I love these toothbrushes. They are so efficient and it feels like I got a dentist teeth cleaning every time I brush! Also they look awesome. We love the options for which mode to brush with, so glad we got these."

Jes C.

22 MAY 2020,

"I just purchased the Shyn electronic Toothbrush. I am really loving it with it's performances every time I use it. Very satisfied with this product. I do not feel like ever using manual toothbrush again. This is just great. Try it! Highly recommended."

Benny S

30 APR 2020