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What is an Oral Care Subscription?

You’re probably up to your eyeballs in offers for subscription boxes lately. They exist for everything from fashion to bacon—there’s even one for your dog. But the most popular subscription boxes are those that deliver something people really need, like low cost shaving supplies and non-toxic household cleaners. So it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a toothbrush subscription service.


What’s Out There in Toothbrush Subscriptions


Today there are multiple subscription boxes that cater to your pearly whites. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available:

Electric Toothbrush Subscriptions: These work somewhat similarly to Shyn (with a few major differences we’ll explain in a bit). You pay an initial subscription price to buy your toothbrush, and a refill price to get a new brush head every 3 months. Some allow you to add additional oral care products like toothpaste and floss.

Manual Toothbrush Delivery: A service that does what it sounds like: delivers a manual toothbrush at repeating intervals (e.g. 3 months) for a set fee.

Single-Category Subscriptions: These services provide repeat deliveries of a specific type of oral care item, such as electric toothbrush heads or teeth whitening products.

Membership Subscriptions: Online clubs that offer low prices for health and beauty products with a membership, including some oral care products.  


How Shyn Is Different: A Customized Oral Care Subscription


We designed our service to be a customized oral care subscription rather than just a toothbrush subscription. We wanted to fill the gaps we saw in other subscription boxes and provide our customers with complete oral care, so we added these the following features below and as seen in our video.

Choice of Brush Head: Shyn is the only electric toothbrush subscription to give you a choice of brush head. We offer 3 different brush heads for 3 unique oral care needs: plaque removal, gum care and teeth whitening.

Product Collections: We wanted our service to be as convenient as possible—and remembering to buy dental essentials is not convenient. That’s why we have bundled oral care product collections, so you never forget the products you use on a regular basis. Each collection is also designed to help with specific oral care goals, from more effective brushing to complete care to a brighter, whiter smile.

Choice of Timeframe: Shyn customers can choose automatic refill deliveries every 2 months or 3 months, because we know some people like to replace their brush head more than 4 times a year (the minimum recommended by the ADA).

Lifetime Warranty: We offer a lifetime warranty on the Shyn Daily Sonic Toothbrush for as long as a customer maintains their subscription.


What Is the Best Subscription Box for Oral Care Products?


When looking for an oral care or toothbrush subscription, it is most important to consider your personal oral health goals. Looking for more effective brushing? Choose a service with electric toothbrushes rather than manual. Need to improve your gum health? Look for a brush head designed for gum care. But no matter what you choose, make sure your subscription delivers all the products you need. It will make your life easier and help you be consistent with your oral care routine.

What are you looking for in an oral care subscription? Let us know in the comments!