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Toothpaste, Flossers, Whitening Kit, and Brush Head - Refill Kit


Take your oral care to the next level by subscribing to a Shyn refill kit. Shyn subscriptions are fully customizable - choose your favorite oral care items, find a brush head that matches your unique needs, and select your delivery time frame.

Brush Head

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Whitening Kit

Enamel Safe Ingredients that remove 90% more stains in 1 week than toothpaste


Rapid-release peroxide starts working on contact to visibly whiten deep stains inside your teeth.


Our twin lines of super strong floss are designed not to stretch, shred, or break during use.

Dentist-Approved Whitening

We’ve partnered with Rembrandt to bring you the best in whitening products. The Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste uses a dual-action whitening formula works on the outside of your teeth to remove surface stains and penetrates below the enamel to help eliminate deep stains. The Rembrandt 1-Week Whitening Kit molds to the unique shape of your mouth, locking in the whitening effect so your smile stays whiter longer.